Ergomec technology to de-dust plastic granule at Plast 2018

    de-dusting-systemErgomec will present at Plast 2018 the system for de-dust plastic granule from dust or shreds.
    At the company stand – n. 141/142 lane A / B pavilion 13 – you can view the system created with Ergomec technology.


    The solution ensures a high level of cleanliness of the plastic granule both from dust, for example in the case of granules with a high percentage of mineral fillers, both shreds or angel hair that may be generated during the pneumatic transport.

    The system relies on the weight difference between grain and dust. The granule goes inside a special room by gravity where it meets an air flow able to clean it effectively and to direct the unwanted particles to a filter container.



    The de-dusting system, positioned at the arrival of raw materials at the factory, finds application between film producers and printers to ensure the storage of already purified polymers. If, on the other hand is placed at the end of the production line and first packing machines, the dust extractor allows technopolymers producers, compounders and master makers to offer their clients a granule clean optimally.

    On the occasion of international Milan Trade Fair, Ergomec will also propose solutions for storage, handling and dosing of powdered and granular bulk materials (PP, PET, PVC, talc and carbonates) and for the treatment of micro components, additives and premix.