With Ergomec high-performance systems in the manufacturing of chemical products

    Ergomec solutions ensure the utmost care in handling delicate and abrasive chemical materials such as ferrite and preserve the integrity of the entire system. A leading manufacturer of magnetic seals in rubber takes advantage of Ergomec technology to reduce maintenance costs and improve performance within the production processes of ferrite.

    The solution includes silos storage, handling and unloading of iron oxides through a big bag emptying station.. During conveying phase load cells are used to allow the dosage material. The system consists of feeds on the customer’s production process that includes dissolver where liquid is added and an oven to cook the mixture.. The resulting ferrite is in inhomogeneous sizes and therefore needs a grinding phase to be then processed or packaged. Ergomec technology, through a bucket elevator, conveys the ferrite up to the mill and then conveys it to packaged in big bags through the screw, or toward an unloading system on trucks through dense phase pneumatic conveying.

    Ergomec technology applied in chemical processes is able to provide cutting edge solutions and in line with the highest market standards.