Ergomec is a management, supervision and automation system for material storage and material handling plants.

The graphic interface has been specifically developed to facilitate the operator in the application of the supervision and management of our industrial plants.

The use of the application bar on the graphic interface allows you access to the menu, connect to the system, view and recognise alarms and launch frequently used applications.
Depending on the system or based on the client’s preferences it is also possible for us to create a customised version.
A single toolbar allows for access to the menu and to the graphics pages.
This bar also allows for visualisation of all alarms and for the control and management of the utilities.

The production of the system has been perfected to ensure that all components of the machine share some common characteristics relating to information management.

Display and control of the utilities of the material storage and material handling plants:
valves, motors, diverters and sensors take on different displays or colouring based on their operating state.

The manual start up and the control of the utilities is carried out through standard procedures. The connection to the utilities that you wish to control takes place dynamically, and is managed by the PLC controller.

Alarms:  the alarm page is presented with special functions and an intuitive structure and is easy to use. Thanks to the filters it is possible to visualise the alarms based on different criteria.

Trends”:  this phase shows the progress of each analogical signal coming from the plant; shown in chronological order it is therefore possible to view the value of the signal at any given moment.

Action archive:   each operation that is carried out in relation to the start up of the plant, from the execution or interruption of the batch, to the manual control of the utilities and the modification of the parameters, is archived with the date, time and user name all indicated.

Parameters & production manager:  applications which allow for the modification of the plant parameters and of production management.