Ergomec technology to preserve the strength of natural rubber during processing

Ergomec has created a system for handling, mixing and dosing of natural rubber additive for the production of magnetic gaskets adopted by a leading manufacturer of rubber.
The solution is able to preserve the characteristics of natural rubber during the entire processing cycle and avoid agglomerations. After grinding, natural rubber is added to materials with disaggregating properties and conveyed to the horizontal belt mixers. Ergomec technology protects the rubber from agglomerate and maintains intact until the next phase of extrusion which provides the further addition of additives such as silica, master black and kaolin, and its dosage. The different dosing lines, with several courses according to customer requirements, unload the product in one extruder from rubber band is formed, which added later with the construction of ferrite magnetic gaskets.
The Ergomec experience in the construction of turnkey plants for the rubber industry guarantees high level performance can meet the quality standards appropriate to each company.