With Ergomec high-performance systems in the manufacturing of chemical products

Ergomec solutions ensure the utmost care in handling delicate and abrasive chemical materials such as ferrite and preserve the integrity of the entire system. A leading manufacturer of magnetic seals in rubber takes advantage of Ergomec technology to reduce maintenance costs and improve performance within the production processes of ferrite.

The solution includes silos storage, handling and unloading of iron oxides through a big bag emptying station.. During conveying phase load cells are used to allow the dosage material. The system consists of feeds on the customer’s production process that includes dissolver where liquid is added and an oven to cook the mixture.. The resulting ferrite is in inhomogeneous sizes and therefore needs a grinding phase to be then processed or packaged. Ergomec technology, through a bucket elevator, conveys the ferrite up to the mill and then conveys it to packaged in big bags through the screw, or toward an unloading system on trucks through dense phase pneumatic conveying.

Ergomec technology applied in chemical processes is able to provide cutting edge solutions and in line with the highest market standards.

Ergomec technology to preserve the strength of natural rubber during processing

Ergomec has created a system for handling, mixing and dosing of natural rubber additive for the production of magnetic gaskets adopted by a leading manufacturer of rubber.
The solution is able to preserve the characteristics of natural rubber during the entire processing cycle and avoid agglomerations. After grinding, natural rubber is added to materials with disaggregating properties and conveyed to the horizontal belt mixers. Ergomec technology protects the rubber from agglomerate and maintains intact until the next phase of extrusion which provides the further addition of additives such as silica, master black and kaolin, and its dosage. The different dosing lines, with several courses according to customer requirements, unload the product in one extruder from rubber band is formed, which added later with the construction of ferrite magnetic gaskets.
The Ergomec experience in the construction of turnkey plants for the rubber industry guarantees high level performance can meet the quality standards appropriate to each company.

Ergomec joined the group Plastic Systems

Technical reality productive in Verona, Italy specializes in the design of industrial plants, Ergomec crown revenue growth in recent years with the entrance in the group Plastic Systems.

Founded as long ago as 1994, Plastic Systems, which now has 400 employees, specializes in products that relate to automation of various processes of transformation of plastic materials, with the distinction of being able to range from processing bulk materials up to the integration of its solutions in the production departments of customers where there are to work is both injection molding machines that extrusion lines.

In 2015 is then founded the company Blauwer. “Now operationally integrated in our production site in Borgoricco, Blauwer provides refrigeration systems, heat pumps for industrial applications and temperature control units; all mainly for large systems, “explains promptly Mr.Cattapan.
In the wake of the increase of competitive advantage connected to complementarity of the offer already well experienced with the launch of Blauwer, is these days the completion of the first acquisition of group: that of company Ergomec, based in San Bonifacio ( Verona), so not too far from Borgoricco (Padova, Italy).

“Ergomec mainly realized the installations for the storage, the pneumatic transport and the dosage of granules and powders (compound, PVC, mineral fillers, rubber etc.). In addition to the plastics industry, the company has a lot of experience both in the chemicals sector that food: intended as treatment plants for sugar, flour, cocoa, starch and cereal. In all these contexts-and for over 15 years-Ergomec is equipped with a high-profile engineering able to realize turnkey systems with high level of customization.
Not bad as a further paper played in matters of complementarity of offer!”, concludes Cattapan, then adding that the first international showcase choice to formally communicate to the market this acquisition will be the fair Fakuma, scheduled in Friedrischshafen, Germany from 16 to 20 October next, where Plastic Systems will be present together with the trademarks Blauwer and Ergomec.

Ergomec technology at Fakuma international trade fair

Ergomec will showcase its technology for materials handling at the world’s leading technical event for industrial plastics processing Fakuma. The event will take place in Friedrichshafen Exhibition Centre, Germany from 16 to 20 October 2018.

Come visit us at HALL FO BOOTH FO-53

For further information visit the Fakuma Messe website

Technological know-how for micro components handling

Ergomec serves both the plastics and the chemical industries with cutting edge solutions for bulk material and micro components handling such as additives and premixes. All its plants provide high performances to meet the quality standards of market leading companies.

The cutting-edge technology enables to offer our customers up-to-date solutions to gain a significant competitive advantage.

Ergomec expands its range of industrial plants

Ergomec signs an agreement with De Amici, Italian company that represents several German houses manufacturing auxiliary machines around the extruder, such as gravimetric feeders and underwater or dry cutting systems. Those equipments will complete the solutions for the storage, conveying and mixing of bulk materials entirely designed and made by Ergomec.
Feeding systems, marked Brabender Technologie, are characterized by high accuracy and are equipped with technologically advanced electronic weighing systems.


The solutions are used in the chemical and plastics industries, areas where Ergomec has considerable experience.
Bulk material handling systems, thanks to the versatility and ease of maintenance, have already been adopted by several Italian and foreign companies that produce both finished products both semi-finished products with the use of materials such as PVC, PE, Pp, PET, PS, carbon black, kaolin, talc, titanium dioxide, stabilizers.

Ergomec technology to de-dust plastic granule at Plast 2018

de-dusting-systemErgomec will present at Plast 2018 the system for de-dust plastic granule from dust or shreds.
At the company stand – n. 141/142 lane A / B pavilion 13 – you can view the system created with Ergomec technology.


The solution ensures a high level of cleanliness of the plastic granule both from dust, for example in the case of granules with a high percentage of mineral fillers, both shreds or angel hair that may be generated during the pneumatic transport.

The system relies on the weight difference between grain and dust. The granule goes inside a special room by gravity where it meets an air flow able to clean it effectively and to direct the unwanted particles to a filter container.



The de-dusting system, positioned at the arrival of raw materials at the factory, finds application between film producers and printers to ensure the storage of already purified polymers. If, on the other hand is placed at the end of the production line and first packing machines, the dust extractor allows technopolymers producers, compounders and master makers to offer their clients a granule clean optimally.

On the occasion of international Milan Trade Fair, Ergomec will also propose solutions for storage, handling and dosing of powdered and granular bulk materials (PP, PET, PVC, talc and carbonates) and for the treatment of micro components, additives and premix.


Upcoming events

Upcoming events:

  • Elmia Polymer Sweden, May 15-18th,  2018 – Scandinavia’s largest dedicated fair for the plastics and rubber industry that will be held in JÖNKÖPING, SWEDEN.
    Together with our partner for the north of Europe AWI MASKIN AB, we will showcase our plants for rubber and plastics industries.
    Come visit us at C02:29 Box 6066, SE-550 06 JÖNKÖPING, SWEDEN
    For further information: Elmia Polymer Sweden
  • Plast 2018, May 29th – June 1st , Milan Italy. Plast is one of the most important exhibitions for plastics and rubber industry worldwide.
    Come visit us at Pavilion 13 booth 141/142 lane A/B to discover our solutions for plastic materials handling.
    For more information: Plast

Solution of polymer micro-dosage on wheeled station

Ergomec has created a wheeled station for micro-dosage of plastic granule adopted by Medtronic to produce [PP] compound pipes intracorporeal in [PP] polyamide and copolymers

The solution is complete with two feeders Brabender, for the polymer and additives and rotation plate to allow the exhaust in two different positions.
The microfeeders for additives can load two different doors by using a slide.
Feeders and electrical panel are mounted on a trailer to give the customer maximum flexibility and load two different extrusion lines. The ability to move the system also allows proper sanitization.

The solution made for Medtronic confirms the versatility of Ergomec plants, completely designed by a highly qualified staff with extensive experience in material handling and storage of bulk materials.

Efficiency and reliability in the handling of granutaled sugar

Ergomec has developed a plant for the receipt, storage and handling of sugar for a multinational company based in Germany producing sugar.

The solution consists of: receipt of the material by container or by hopper through a screw, storage in silos, the sugar quota shift by bucket elevator, magnetic separator, rotary sieve and finally, conveying to the packaging machines. The plant, with a capacity of 20,000 kg/h, preserves the integrity of the granulated sugar until the packaging phase.
Thanks to the know-how and experience of Ergomec, the solution allows the customer to receive high flows of material and moving it up to the packaging which includes the construction of 1 kg packages of product.
Moreover the system realized according to Atex regulations, brings a significant optimization of the production steps of the customer.