[dropcap1]T[/dropcap1]he food and agro-food sector is an industry of which we at Ergomec are able to pride ourselves on having a long standing knowledge of.
We have a team of first class engineers and technicians whose expertise has been accrued over the years thanks to the experience gained while working with other companies in this sector.

We are particularly active and competitive in the market which focuses on storage, extraction and processing of all the various food raw materials such as sugar, flour, glucose and in the handling and management of micro-components such as additives and oils.  We produce silos and tanks that are designed based on the requirements of the customer for the vertical storage of powdered raw materials and pre-mixed materials for the food industry.

Our vast enterprise is especially distinguished in the baking and chocolate industries.
Our client list includes the major companies in the food industry at both national and international level.
Our dosing plants with integrated horizontal mixers and other machines guarantee precision, velocity and an elevated level of homogenisation of every product type, whether it be in powder or granule form, with different specific weight or with any additions, even of minimal percentages. The elevated technology of our plants guarantee the efficiency of the production cycle of our clients’ businesses, with consideration to the requirements of the client who utilises the qualified advice offered by our engineers and who therefore receives a finely tuned machine.  Our equipment offers the best solutions for durable and excellent powder dosing plants and powder mixer plants.
All Ergomec plants and systems are fully automated and are equipped with dedicated software which allows for the control and management of consumption, recipe formulation and alarms.  We guarantee high process engineering, assembly and testing as well as a series of post-sales assistance networks.
In each one of our products, every component is certified for the safe use with foodstuffs.  Furthermore, when specifically required our plants and systems are constructed in accordance with the EC-ATEX 94/9 Directive of 23rd March 1994 and the related classification of areas which are at risk of explosion.

Our target market for the food industry:

raw materials processing industry: cereals, chocolate, cocoa, coffee, sugar, milling industry;
baking product industry: bakeries, pasta factories, biscuit factories, cake factories;
pre-mix industry:  mixtures and additives for food products, ice cream and cones for ice cream, baby foods, freeze dried foods, flavourings.
food, drink and canning industry:  preserves and jams, fruit juices, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

PLANT FOOD – Our realizations

Power plant cacao machines

Feeding sugar and flour machinery

Storage/supply sugar to the dissolver

Storage and packaging milk powder

Storage facility milk powder

Batching and mixing plant powders

Batching plant ingredients

Storage/supply sugar to dissolvers

Plant storage and transfer sugar

Storage plant sugar