Ergomec is not only about handling systems and bulk material storage silos…

Ergomec also has a mission:  to furnish the best solutions based on the needs of the great Engineering structures as well as those of the end customer.

There are many strong points of our enterprise and all are certainly attributable to the most important: to possess within our company every single necessary resource to allow us to respond punctually and accurately to our clients needs, wherever they may be in the world.

Thanks to its technical production structure, Ergomec is more than able to provide its clients with a complete service, because it can count on a high level design department and on a production department which have the ability to produce special project machines or machines based on the buyers specific needs.
In essence, Ergomec manufactures “customised” products.

Our commercial technical department possesses the correct expertise which allows it to advise the client as a consultant, rather than a supplier, collaborating with them and supporting them in their technical needs.

Our commercial office provides detailed and competitive estimates, accompanied by flow charts and by other designs or images obtained from the use of highly advanced IT systems; our client is therefore furnished with a credible idea of how their machine or plant will look once finished.

The technical office, once the order has been placed by the client and after possible field surveys have been carried out, will oversee the planning of the plants producing process flow diagrams, the installations, the component lists and production drawings, the automation guidelines as well as the drafting of user and instruction manuals.

Internal production has allowed the company to over time create a very large product line, which ranges from bulk material storage silos to handling systems, from vertical and horizontal mixers to bigbag unloaders or bag emptying hoppers, from fast and slow pneumatic conveying systems up to the dosing and also the automation of the automatic raw material handling plants.

Ergomec is equipped with its own assembly teams.
It is therefore able to carry out the relocation of a storage silo from one plant to another, the assembly of complete production plants, be they storage systems, pneumatic conveying systems or mixing and dosing systems.
It is all of these things together that allow us to ensure that start-up of the plant is always within the time frame agreed upon with the client.