The Ergomec quality system management policy binds the company to the following undertakings:

  • Offer a professional image by understanding the needs of Customers and Stakeholders, to ensure products and services designed and manufactured so as to meet the customer’s requirements both in the sales and in the after-sales phase;
  • Provide customers with the highest level of product and service quality, in line with the requests and at a fair price, in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations;
  • Promote the use of the process approach and Risk-based thinking.
  • Adapt the products to market requirements in terms of both technical performance and compliance with the regulations from time to time in force.
  • Ensure the timely delivery of products, using work processes and resources that guarantee the final quality of the product;
  • Solve non-conformities by defining and implementing the necessary corrective actions in order to reduce their presence, improve the characteristics of the manufactured products and at the same time reduce costs and generate a profit;
  • Create a participative work environment, motivating and educating its employees on the Quality goals and objectives set by the Management;
  • Monitor and select suppliers, with an eye to their ability to meet our requirements so that they can support us in achieving our objectives and meeting the commitments made with our customers;
  • Support the adoption of the abovementioned values by effectively implementing a quality management system certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001-2015 standard by an accredited third party body.

These commitments are translated into periodic plans including:

  • Measurable objectives defined by the Management, which take into account internal and external factors, as well as the needs and expectations of the stakeholders, organized according to priorities in order to address the identified risks and to seize the relevant opportunities.
  • Continuous improvement of the quality management system, committing adequate resources and means.

All personnel are committed to implementing this quality policy and to achieving the defined objectives, as well as to operating in accordance with the provisions established by the Quality Management System.
Management is responsible for the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and makes all necessary efforts to improve it, committing the necessary resources to achieve these goals.