Ergomec S.r.l. is a company that positions itself as a global leader in the design, manufacturing, and selling of machinery used in various sectors such as Plastics, Food, Industrial, and Chemical industries. Today, the company boasts a strong and organized structure that is constantly expanding and driven by a strong commitment to growth, leveraging its extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of dehumidification, pneumatic conveying, dosing, and mixing.
Ergomec’s offering extends beyond mass production to include the design of customized systems tailored to meet the specific needs of its customers.


In the world of the plastic industry, our customized facilities represent excellence and efficiency. We excel in providing tailor-made solutions for plastic processing, optimizing production processes to maximize your productivity.


We are experts in providing tailor-made solutions for the food sector, tackling safety and production efficiency challenges with determination.


Explore the production potential of our custom facilities tailored to the chemical sector. We are leaders in providing tailor-made solutions for various applications in the chemical industry, including pharmaceuticals, hygiene, adhesives, paper, paints, ceramics, plaster, and many others.


Explore innovation and excellence in the world of customized industrial facilities. We are leaders in providing tailor-made solutions for a wide range of industrial sectors, ensuring high performance and maximum efficiency.


The added value offered by the company is in the design, development, implementation and sale of products and systems tailored to the customer’s needs, offering turnkey service including after-sales support.

assurance of quality

Patents and innovation

The company, which has always been a forerunner in innovation, holds more than 20 patents developed over the years thanks to the constant investment and growth of the team of engineers who make up the technical department and research and development.

Ergomec S.r.l.

Ergomec, a Pegaso Group company, develops manufactures and installs innovative, highly efficient thermodynamic solutions suitable for a wide variety of industrial processes found in major national and international markets.